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Activate Your Self-Healing Ability

The Self-Healing System Developed by a Lightning Survivor

Learn The Energy First Aid System At Your Fingertips

Live videos all the way!

In the videos you will  enter and experience the Quantum world of energy.  It will come alive and visible to you.  Explore the infinite beneficial ways to use it. Come join and journey with me.

What Energy First Aid fans have to say

Kathy said

Testimonial:  One day Sheri and I met Darielle at our front office to out for a pizza.  Walking out I tripped over the parking stop landing hard on my hip hand and twisting my ankle unable to get up. I asked Darielle if she could help me. “Of course she said” telling me to lay my head back on the asphalt, so she could began a scan of the areas hurt.  She told me she was breathing in a golden energy filling up on it, while she surrounded my hurt areas in blue for shock and inflammation. Darielle instructed me to do the same. Informing me the blue energy helped to relax my body and calm the mind. Darielle spent about 10 minutes doing healing work. I exclaimed “I can feel something happening in my hip and ankle.  Gingerly getting up and feeling better and I could stand with no problem.  Taking a few cautious steps I walked with no pain and my hip too. It was an amazing experience.

Mick said

“Working with Darielle has brought me clarity and given me the ability to focus. I have learned how to recognize my power and use it to improve my balance and understand how better to use my new & improved gifts.” Mick, Kenmore, WA

Erin said

“Darielle has opened a whole new world for me. Through my work with her, I am now pursuing my passions in life. I have been able to face my fears gently and with security. The entire course of my life has shifted since our first meeting, to a more authentic and true path for me. I can actually feel the universe opening up to me and supporting me – a true sign that I am on the right track. Thank you, Darielle for your wisdom, guidance, insight and unconditional support!”  Erin, Seattle, WA

Mary said

“There have been some significant and fairly immediate changes to my life since I instituted her (Darielle’s) ideas — my referral business at least doubled!”
Mary M. Paradise

This membership site is dedicated to helping you discover and master how to use energy to heal, dissolve blocks, and manifest. Energy First Aid allows you to absorb all the trainings from all the instructors, all at your fingertips! Time to stop dabbling and learn the real way to use energy to benefit you!

  • One energy healing class a month

  • One specific imprinting class each month

  • One grounding class each month.

  • One energy healing technique a month.

  • One color or food session to reduce inflammation.

Energy First Aid

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